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bush.is.beautiful! (aka nicebushes2, aka fairhairmaidens) let's.celebrate.hirsute.women!

about the blog:
1.- the purpose of this blog is to worship the beauty of women, regarding especially (but not exclusively) the growth of lady bush hair
2.- it is thought as a nudie-NSFW-yet-not-porn-but-softcore blog
3.- greetings, compliments, complaints, comments, corrections, answers to questions and submissions are welcome and absolutely appreciated
4.- check the tags on the blog to find what you like the most
5.- I don't own most of the pics in the blog, I try to mention the credits everytime and by that respect the work of others
6.- as an example of the previous point, the avatar is a nude art picture by japanese photographer Rèn Háng
7.- the purpose of this blog is also to enjoy... so... ENJOY!

about me:
I'm a geeky-mid-30´s-chilean guy, interested in sharing women's beauty; I deeply feel that "beautiful-is-meant-to-be-shared"...

Violeta, from Abby Winters

Violeta, from Abby Winters

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